This is the process to develop/contribute to Pyfhel:

This is the standard process to develop/contribute: 1. Code a new feature/fix a bug. Using [Cython]( for the .pyx and .pxd extensions, C++ for Afhel or Python for examples/tests/other.

  1. Build/Install Pyfhel locally. Use pip install -v -v . for a verbose installation.

  2. Test changes (requires installing `pytest`). Run the tests locally by executing pytest . in the root directory, and make sure all tests pass.

    • Code coverage (requires installing ``pytest-cov``). Add an empty .cov file in the root directory, and build/install the project locally (pip install .). To run coverage tests, execute pytest --cov . in the root directory, and then coverage html to obtain a report.

You’re ready to go! Just create a pull request to the original repo.